Community Champion Harkirat of Domino’s

Meet the pizza maestro making an extra-large difference in our community.

Wednesday 12 Jul

Introducing Harkirat Singh, the pizza maestro at Domino’s Bethlehem (and Bureta) and a community champion! While he strives to deliver the best-tasting and best-value pizzas in Tauranga, Harkirat’s passions extend far beyond the Domino’s kitchen. He is a dedicated community advocate, actively involved in various initiatives that make a positive difference locally.

Amongst his many acts of kindness, he has partnered with NZ Blood to encourage more people to donate blood, recognizing the importance of this life-saving act. He has also fundraised and rallied support for a family devastated by a house fire. Harkirat isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty either, organizing a beach cleanup at Otumoetai, proving that saving our environment is as important as making the perfect pizza.

The generosity doesn’t end there. Harkirat has a heart as big as an extra-large pizza and regularly treats those in need to piping-hot goodness. “Whenever anyone needs food, most people around here know me, so they message me directly, and we are happy to help.”

When heavy rain hit Tauranga in early 2023, Harkirat delivered pizzas to Tauranga firefighters, exhausted from battling flood-related chaos, who were turned away by another fast-food chain.

What motivates Harkirat to give back? “It makes me feel happy and fully satisfied that as part of running a food business, I can do something for the community around me. It’s what I think about every night before I go to sleep because it troubles me to think of people going hungry or suffering. It’s just a little thing to share a bit of love.”

He hopes his acts of goodwill will inspire others to pay it forward too and create a community that thrives on compassion. In his words, “If we all pitch in, half the problems around us will be solved!”

Next time you visit Bethlehem Town Centre, make sure to stop by Domino’s, pick up a pepperoni pizza (Harkirat’s favorite), and support the business that not only makes great pizza but also serves our community with heart.

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